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Work in progress

I. Milstein, A. Tishler, C. K. Woo  
“On the representation of effective PV in a two-stage (capacity-production) models of optimal capacity mix in competitive electricity markets”    


A. Gilad, A. Tishler

"No one ring to rule them all: Measuring and mitigating the risk of advanced cyber-attackers".

Gilad, A. Tishler

“The Effects of Uncertainty on the Optimal Defense against Advanced Cyber-attackers”.

K.H. Cao, H.S. Qi, R. Li, C.K. Woo, A. Tishler, J. Zarnikau

"An experiment of elasticity estimation: residential electricity demands in theUS".

C.K. Woo, A. Tishler, K.H. Cao, H.S. Qi, J. Zarnikaue

"Market-based estimation of electricity outage costs in the United States".  

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